Affordable Social Media Marketing,

We offer solo-entrepreneurs + small companies affordable social media
management and one-off project options.

Our mission is to serve both seasoned + up-and-coming solopreneurs with
low-cost, high-impact social media content they can feel proud of.

Ok, But How Can YOU Talk about MY Business?

First, we listen!

Imagine this - You hop on a Zoom call and we ask you the juicy questions we need to know about your business, target audience, mission, and more. This deep dive call gets us all the information we need about your company and paves the way for the industry and competitive research we'll execute as well.

We'll get access to the social media platforms you want us to manage for you and get all the logistical stuff out of the way.

We set up a shared folder where you can give us access to your photos/videos if you have any. If not, no worries, we have access to the best stock!

We Bring Your Content Marketing Vision to Life

Whether you can't stand social media, don't have the time, or find it overwhelming, please know we do what we do - for you!

Whether you're a new business owner or you've been an entrepreneur forever, we serve passionate people like you in all ages and stages of their business.

Content marketing is a fluid, creative process so that can feel kind of weird when it's your first time hiring someone else to help you and we get that. For over a decade we've helped many hundreds of professionals thrive on social media through content marketing.

We work on your timeline, but here is a sample for you.

You hire us virtually to manage your social media accounts this month

We take about 2 weeks to research and write your first draft of content and graphics, sharing it with you in your very own content planning calendar

You take about a week to read it, provide us with your feedback, if any and once you say GO, we get to posting it!

We Help Solopreneurs With Custom Social Media Management Plans Starting at $150/Month

We combine the critical skills to make your company THRIVE 🌵on social media!

Branding + Content Strategy + Graphics + Systems make us experts in putting together stuff that both looks and sounds good.

An outsider to your company who knows how to listen for the right information can translate your industry's jargon into content your readers care about and understand.

Then, masterfully write compelling content that your audience actually wants to read!

What Comes in Your Social Media Management Plan?

Our social media management services start at $150/month and are completely customized to your company's needs. Everything listed can be included and customized to your company or brand.

Here is a list of the platforms & tools we manage:

What I Really Need are Answers to My Social Media Questions!

Actually, I Prefer a DIY Social Media Option