Social Media Questions Answered by Experts

You're a solopreneur or you're trying to handle the marketing at your small company. Wearing many hats is taking away from your results and your peace of mind. Social media marketing is essential but you have questions and need direction. And we have your back!

 If you're confused or simply don’t know how to efficiently use social media platforms for your business, then let's put an end to the frustration together. 

Marketing Strategy Consultation

Doesn't it feel like social media comes with its own strange language? We're not willing to let you feel lost in the social sauce anymore! We'll train you privately via Zoom live, hold your hand and walk you through any platform and answer every single question.

Plus, you'll keep the recording of our session & any additional notes we take for you! Book just one or as many as you need! You may have 1 - 2 team/staff present with you.

We want to offer you a special rate on a 1:1 strategy session. 

No catch, no BS.

We're taking our combined 20+ years of experience in social media, graphic design, small business ownership, online marketing, and consulting and giving it to you for just $297 for 90-minutes of strategy - plus we record it so you can keep it! Just FYI - we each charge that rate so you're basically getting two experts for the price of one!

Curing Platform Paralysis

You constantly wonder - What social media platforms should I be on for my business? You need a social media strategist who can guide you to the right platform and talk you through optimization. 

Answering YOUR Questions

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Canva and more can be hard to learn! Not to mention they're constantly changing. You need a social media expert to teach you how to write content, create graphics, post and schedule your content. 

Immediate Help - No BS

You're not looking for long term help just yet. You just need some answers and support right now - like this week would be fabulous! There's no contracts, weird terms or forcing you into anything - ever.

How We Strategize With You

It feels like social media comes with it's own strange language, right? Like every day you seem to hear some new word you're supposed to understand?

we feel your pain and we're not willing to let you feel lost in the social sauce any more! You are an expert in your industry, you're a badass and you don't deserve to feel confused and overwhelmed!

Imagine getting a private training session via Zoom, where we hold your hand and walk you through any platform and answer every single question. Walk away with confidence and get back to growing your business and thriving on social media!

Check out our social media experts!

Meet the team who is committed to serving solo-entrepreneurs and small companies! Read deeper about our passion and expertise before you jump in. 

Talk to us now!

If you know the exhaustion of overthinking what to post on social media then now is the time to talk to us! Book a free discovery call on Zoom, NO strings attached! 

Looking for more of a Done-For-You Approach?

No worries, we have done-for-you social media management options, too!